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Dear Diary

The Princess has been captured by Bowser again (that seems to happen alot lately) and Mario went out to rescue her. I wonder what gose on there?

I was on my way to Toad Town when I noticed a whole lot more tourest comming here. This place is getting more popular evary day!

Today Mario ate the last slice of pizza that I told him clearly not to touch! You know I think I'll put hot sauce In his spaghetti.

You know, maby that was'nt such a good idea after all. Mario invited the princess over and I accidently put the sauce in her spaghetti! I think ill hide down here for the whole month.

Friday, 4/25/08
Hello diary, I just got back from vacation. For the past week we were at delfino island. Things were going great until we saw bowser there with his kids. Mario and Bowser where about to go at it but Iggy and Lemmy accidently droped a bomb and blew them into the sky. It's getting late I,ll write a little more tomorrow.

Monday, April 28
It's a boring day today The only exitement I had was when a shyguy took my hat. Any way thats it for now.

Monday 5/12
Mario is getting frustrated that there's no one sending in any submitions, and now Mario's making me work twice as hard to make this site a success. Please send in a submition save a Luigi.